Brick driveway cleaning and sealing Tampa FL

Brick driveway cleaning and sealing in Tampa FL completed in December.  We were contacted by this homeowner because he had sealed his own driveway about 3 years ago.  The brick sealer that he had used was not the proper sealer for this surface.  The sealer had turned white and hazy.  The sealer also was holding excess dirt and making it look worse.

First, we had to remove the old sealer that was failing.  What does mean for a sealer to fail?  It means that the sealer turns white or hazy, may flake off in areas, or delaminates itself from the paver or stone that was sealed.  We accomplished this by using a very strong stripping chemical and then removing with our very powerful and hot power washing equipment.  We were able to strip this 3000 sq ft driveway in one day with our staff and 3 machines on site.

Once the sealer was stripped off, we had to let the driveway dry out.  Often when stripping pavers, we have to let surfaces dry out so that we can see if there are still any imperfections even very slight ones.  Once we complete the cleaning detail of each and every imperfection that we are able to fix, then we can begin our sealing.

On this particular project, we applied 2 coats of concentrated sealer with an anti slip polymer to keep the driveway from becoming slippery.  The homeowner has some difficulty with mobility and sometimes uses a motor scooter.   We had to make sure that the brick driveway would not become slippery after we finished sealing.

As you can see from the pictures below, the end result was amazing.  The sealed driveway has a great uniform look (except for a few places where he had some previous grout work done that didn’t match).  It is protecting the surface very nicely as seen in some pictures that were taken after a rain about a week later.

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