How to clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors in Tampa FL

Hardwood floor cleaning in Tampa can be very easy with a phone call to us, 813-263-6465.  We have been cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors for years now.

The dirt and cleaner residue that can be removed from a hardwood floor will simply amaze most people.  It is a slow process in most cases of how the dirt and grime will build up on your hardwood floors.  Sometimes you will “inherit” other people’s dirt and careless efforts to take care of their beautiful wood floors.  The same can be said for laminate floor cleaning as well.

The wrong cleaner or “polish” on a hardwood floor can simply destroy the beauty that was seen when they were new.  Any products with the name “glo” in it, can lead to months and years of frustration trying to clean and maintain wood floors.

We clean hardwood floors with a special machine that was designed to clean hardwood.  As opposed to the typical “buffer”, we have several machines that are used specifically for the cleaning and maintaining of hardwood floors.

Our cleaners are designed to break up the years of dirt build up as well as removing the cleaner residue that has been on the floor since the first few times they were cleaned by the homeowner.  This will quickly bring the life back the floor and remove the haze from hardwood floors.

Give us a call for free visual inspection of your hardwood floors 813-263-6465.