Paver cleaning and sealing Brandon FL

Paver sealing in Brandon FL.  This is a brief video of a paver cleaning and sealing project in Brandon FL.  This really is a paver restoration project that involved making this paver pool patio brand new again.

We started out by doing a full inspection of the area for cleaning.  We also cleaned the screen enclosure prior to starting the pavers.  We chemically clean the screen enclosure to remove the green algae and some oxidation from the black aluminum structure.

Once this is completed, we start by pretreating the paver surface.  We pressure clean the pavers with a very large machine that is able to deep clean the pavers without damaging them.  We do not use high pressure while cleaning but rather high water volume.  Similar to taking a shower under a “water saving” shower head vs. taking a shower under a “full flow” shower head.  The full flow will clean your hair much faster and is the same idea with the paver cleaning.

While cleaning the pavers, we are also cleaning the paver joints of all the mildew (it is not mold, mold cannot grow in sunlight), dirt, weeds, old sand, etc.  This is even more time consuming than cleaning the paver surface.  We do this to prep the joints for our sanding process and new sand.

We use a special sand that will stabilize in place after sealing.  The sand is put in place in the joints using a unique process that allows for all the joint to be full of sand from the bottom up.  The sand is then leveled out to about 1/8″ below the edge.

The paver sealing process can now start.  We will apply by sprayer three coats of sealer to the pavers.  During the sealing process, we are very careful not to get sealer into the pool, on the screen, or on the glass.  We often go behind other sealing companies to see that they left their mark with paver sealer everywhere.

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