Sealing a new house – New grout sealing & new paver sealing in Tampa

Since we are one of a very few companies in Tampa that specialize in sealing, we are often called by new homeowners to come in and prepare their surfaces for longevity by sealing new floor grout, sealing shower grout, sealing granite counters, and new pavers.  This is a unique service in that we are sealing brand new items.  New grout can be sealed within seven days of install and new pavers can be sealed as early as two weeks but preferably around 30 day mark.

The benefit to the new homeowner is having these surfaces protected either for the long term of their stay or for better resale value to keep them looking as new as possible for as long as possible.  The grout and pavers can normally be returned to new condition if they are sealed properly at the beginning of their life.

We treat the new grout with a very high quality stone sealer to insure a far superior seal than typical grout sealers.  Grout sealers in general are very poor in quality, and we will never use a sealer labeled and sold as a grout sealer.  Our sealers are guaranteed to last for as long as we warranty our work and most of the time perform effectively much past the warranty.

The new pavers can be sealed with either an enhancing sealer to darken the colors or a more natural look.   We will get rid of all the excess sand that is so prevalent on new installs that can hang around for several months if not removed.  We will then resand the pavers with the proper sand for resanding and seal that sand in the joint for it to stay in place for 2-3 years along with the life of the sealer.

Protect that new home by sealing your porous surfaces – stone, grout, showers, pavers, and concrete.  Call SurfaceSolve for all your sealing needs  813-263-6465.