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Restorative Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

    • Step 1: Flooring Analysis
      We take the time necessary to inspect our client’s areas of concern. We take this time to explain our procedures for solving your floor care needs. This is how we base our pricing. In the beginning before we start the job as opposed to surprising you at the end. Save the surprises for your birthday!
    • Step 2: Protecting other Flooring surfaces
      We use protective mats, blankets, and pads to protect your other flooring from unnecessary damage.
    • Results of Vacuum NeglectStep 3: Dry Soil Removal
      Otherwise known as vacuuming, it is the most important yet simplest and most neglected element of the cleaning process. This also prepares the carpet for step four.
    • Step 4: Soil Suspension
      Otherwise known as pre-conditioning the carpet. This is a process of separating the soil from the carpet fiber to be removed in the next step. Heat, agitation, and time also help the effectiveness of this process.
    • Step 5: Soil Extraction
      Removing all unwanted substances that are foreign to the carpet. This would mean separating the soil particles from the carpet fibers to then be removed. We use our Mobile Aerotech Cleaning Plant, the largest such machine in the state of Florida.
    • Step 6: Stain Treatment
      Stains are spots that were not removed through normal cleaning procedures. We are trained in advanced stain removal. We are not magicians, but we have had good success removing common household stains. We will always give it our best effort.
    • Step 7: Rinsing with softened water to remove all cleaner residue
      We thoroughly rinse all our biodegradable cleaning agents with a superheated (240 degrees) water softened neutral rinse. This helps remove the existing separated soil leaving the carpet soft and clean with no soil attracting residue. Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning Tampa,Fl
    • Step 8: Drying
      Our commitment to this area is seen in our equipment. Our speed drying element of service separates us from all other service providers. Our cleaning equipment will leave your carpet dry in about an hour. For extreme cases, we will provide high speed fans to speed this process along more quickly.
    • Step 9: Reapplying Carpet Protector
      An essential step in keeping your carpet looking and performing like new. This will allow the client to care for effectively for the carpet in between our restorative cleanings at least once a year. Dupont Teflon allows your vacuuming to be more efficient and for our free bottle of spot remover to do its job.
    • Step 10: Groom
      Any quality job allows for detail to stand out. Among our other differentiating processes, we finish all jobs with grooming your clean carpet to set the pile and assist in the drying process after reapplying the carpet protector.

We are based in Brandon FL, and proudly service the Tampa Bay surrounding areas.

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