Tile & Grout Cleaning and Stone Cleaning

We have an entire website dedicated to Tampa tile cleaning and grout sealing, sealing tile, sealing stone, and sealing pavers.  For much more information on this category, go to:


Tampa Tile Cleaning


We clean and seal all types ceramic and porcelain tile and grout that can be found in most homes today.  SurfaceSolve cleans the tile and grout to expose its true colors the way it was meant to be.  We use a revolutionary process that utilizes the largest mobile cleaning plant in Florida.


Porcelain Ceramic


Natural stone including granite, travertine, flagstone, limestone, sandstone, slate and marble can also be cleaned to reveal its natural beauty. Sealing the stone and grout will greatly reduce the maintenance previously required.


Granite Marble Slate Travertine


We use cleaners and sealers formulated especially for, and safe for, natural stone.