Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning


Our 6 Step Hardwood/Wood Floor Cleaning Process:

  • Pre-inspect: We will inspect the floors for scratches, bad finishes, and worn areas. We will advise you of anything that may not clean up.
  • Sweep: We will sweep the floor to remove the maximum amount of large debris and dry soil as possible.
  • Pre-spray: We will pre-spray the floors with hardwood floor safe cleaner. This will make the dirt remove easier from the floor to the bonnet.
  • Clean: Using a specifically designed machine for cleaning wood floors, we deep clean the floor.  A second step is sometimes used in addition to the special wood floor cleaning machine.  With an electric buffing machine and special bonnets, we will buff the floor to remove dirt, grime, some scuff marks, etc.
  • Electric Machine Buff: To remove any residue or haze left by the cleaner, we will use a clean cotton bonnet and buff the clean floor. This will bring back some of the original shine. Note: Buffing will not add anymore shine to the floors than was originally there. Depending on whether the finish used was gloss, semi-gloss or satin, will determine the final shine.
  • Refinish/Recoat: If necessary or applicable, we will refinish the surface by lightly sanding the floor as a preparation to applying additional hardwood floor finish. Once the floor has been prepped, we can then apply one, two, or three coats of finish to the floor to restore the natural and beautiful shine of a new hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Care

Use dirt trapping walk-off mats at all exterior doors. The average dirt from your shoe is like 400 grit sandpaper, which will dull and wear off the floor finish.

Strong sunlight can cause fading of wood and wood stain. To avoid uneven appearance, move area rugs occasionally and drape or shade large windows to avoid direct sunlight on the wood.

  • Apply fabric-faced glides to the legs of your furniture.
  • Vacuum or dust your wood floor as often you vacuum your carpet.
  • Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a damp (not wet) cloth.
  • Standing moisture can damage poorly finished floors.
  • Soaps can build up and create problems. For cleaning, use cleaners that are specifically formulated for wood floors.

We recommend using floor guards when moving appliances. Floor guards will prevent damage to your floors from sharp edges and even the weight of an appliance. A heavy refrigerator can leave indentations in some floors.

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