Paver Cleaning & Sealing

    What is a sealer?  A substance used to protect an item or area from outside elements, used to prolong its life and assist in maintaining its natural state.      


Outdoor pavers are proving to be a favorite among Floridians as they spend so much time outdoors enjoying our beautiful weather.  Many paver projects are put in after building or buying a home.  They are a major investment in our homes to make them more enjoyable and beautiful.  Sealing pavers is an easy task to do to prolong their beauty.          

It is great to entertain our friends and family on our beautiful patio deck with or without a pool.  A cooling dip in the pool on a hot summer day followed up by a great cook out is what living in Florida is all about.  With this in mind, most paver driveways and decks endure this constant use.  Along with our harsh elements of heat and sun, rain, and humidity, our pavers need some attention over time.

We not only specialize in tile and grout cleaning in Tampa and surround areas, but we also are experts in paver cleaning and sealing. Pavers need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove stains, dirt build up, and mildew from our very moist climate.   After cleaned, the pavers often need resanding to replace the old dirty sand that we just cleaned out.  They also need to be sealed on regular basis to maintain and ensure continued beauty over the years.  As simple as this sounds, picking the proper sealer is not.  Many times the sealers you are choosing at a local hardware store do not produce as advertised.

We provide professional paver cleaning service using a heated pressure washing system.  Often, our second step in resanding the pavers to establish stabilization and slow down the weeds and ants.  This is followed up by a sealer that is specifically designed to be used outside to endure the rain, UV rays of the sun, and other elements in Florida.  We use a commercial sprayer to apply this sealer that enhances the color (like when they are wet) to apply it.  This produces an even and appropriate coating of sealer to protect your pavers.  We do not roll on sealer as this causes it to be too thick, leaves visible lines, and often results in a white haze to be present when it encounters excess moisture (when it rains every day in the summer!).

Our sealers enhance the natural colors of the stone to really make them standout against the blandness of neighboring concrete driveways.  This also protects them from getting “bleached” out or fading do to the exposure of UV rays from our hot Florida sun.  While the sealer is filling the pores of these pavers, it is preventing mildew the ability to rapidly grow in our climate.  When it does start, it can easily be washed away.  Our sealer creates a light shine or sheen on the surface.  We do not want pavers to be “shiny” as this creates multiple problems of which is slipping on them when the pavers are wet.

If you are desiring a company to professional paver cleaning company, please give us a call so we may give you our opinion on what needs to be done in your specific scenario.  Paver cleaning and sealing in Tampa Florida can be a breeze when you give us a call.

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