How to clean and seal slate

How to clean and seal slate? Slate can be and often is one of the most difficult stones to clean and seal on your own.  This stone is often very difficult for most tile and grout cleaning companies in Tampa.  Slate cannot be treated like ceramic tile or porcelain tile. Slate needs separate and delicate attention in order to preserve it and bring it back to a like new condition.  We treat the slate with a special cleaner and then scrub the stone with a special machine.  The stone then has to dry thoroughly which we do with a large fan that blows 40 mph straight down on the surface. Once this is finished, the slate is then sealed with a very high quality enhancing sealer.  The enhancing sealer will bring the deep colors back out of the slate that have been lost over the years due to a variety of factors. If you are in the Tampa area and looking for a tile and grout cleaner in Tampa that can handle your special stone cleaning and sealing needs, give us a call at 813-263-6465.