Grout Sealing

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Grout Sealing

So, we have completed the hardest part of cleaning your grout back to its original beauty.  Now sealing your grout is the next step.  

Grout sealant is a pentrating protective coating that provides an invisible barrier in the grout, repelling liquids and stains from penetrating the porous grout lines. Grout sealants are available in many different forms and qualities to both the consumer and contractor.  The ultimate purpose of the grout sealer is to suspend liquid staining agents from penetrating into your grout long enough for you clean up the spill.  With unsealed grout, liquids are allowed to penetrate inside all the microscopic holes in the grout.  It also serves as a barrier to allow you to perform cleaning maintenance with much greater ease and result.

So, if we can help you keep your grout from staining and allow you better ability to maintain it then this easily justifies the small cost involved.

We offer TWO YEAR, yes 2 YEAR warranty on our grout sealer against any staining (not dirt, but staining).  Regular maintenance is still required. 🙂

We also offer backsplash sealing, granite sealing, shower sealing, with a special “cream” sealer, that is much more effective than a liquid sealer.  We know sealers.  We have used them, tested them, applied them, and removed the ones that do not work properly them when necessary.  

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