Paver Care and Maintenance

Your pavers now have a new life, and you are going to enjoy them again.  To keep enjoying them even longer, you can take a few steps along the way to to keep them looking nicer and sealer last longer.  Very similar to anything else you own, as you invest just a little care they will last longer and look better.

****Please do not use your home pressure to clean your sealed pavers before contacting us****

Annual Maintenance – We can provide an annual clean and reseal service within 12 months at a significant discount to our full service option.  This can eliminate almost all your own maintenance that would take place over the 2-3 years in between our full service option.

Mildew –  Mildew is a part of Florida life.  Mildew (not mold) is formed from “dirt” (organic matter) and moisture.  At some point, your pavers will have areas that will develop some mildew.  The mildew now is on the paver instead of in the paver.  This is normally going to reoccur in the areas that get little to no sun or low laying poor draining areas.  These areas can be easily controlled by applying a straight bleach to them.  If you have waited too long for bleach to work, then you may use up to a 50% mixture of chlorine and water.  You may add a teaspoon of dish soap to it in the pump up sprayer to help it work better.  Get a bleach sprayer from your local hardware store and keep it handy to treat these small areas as they appear.

Hose cleaning –  A simple low pressure rinse with your hose and hose nozzle of choice will help knock out the dirt that settles over times.  The covered areas usually need it as well with the dirt/dust settling on the pavers over time.  You can also use some dawn dish soap on them if the covered areas need a deeper clean around the grilling or eating areas.

Weeds –  Yes, you will see a weed or a few after we leave.  It will not be nearly as bad as before if you elected to have the joints resanded.  As much as we wish we could stop nature, we cannot.  The weeds you get now will not come from underneath but from the top of the joint.  Weed seeds move onto the pavers via lawn mowing or just nature doing her thing.  The more weeds that surround the pavers, generally means the more weeds on your pavers.  Weeds in the joints of your pavers can be controlled by simply using round up, vinegar, or your mildew cleaning solution (bleach and/or chlorine).  Keep them at a minimum so they will not continue to “have babies” and grow more.

Bugs/Pests – Although our sealed in sand will stop the majority of these, sometimes their will is stronger than our sand.  If so, please treat with a granular ant killer right away.  We can always supply you with a small amount of sand and sealer and fill the hole if necessary.

Drainage/Overflow area – If you have gutters that do not drain properly or drain onto a small area of the pavers, you may experience some sand loss prematurely.  If this happens, please let us know within the first year and we can bring you a small amount of sand and sealer to fill the gaps until we return for a maintenance service or full service reseal.

Sprinklers – please take note for any sprinklers that continuously spray on a specific paved area, this may cause premature mildew on the pavers and/or joints.  You will need to adjust these so they do not spray on the pavers to help reduce this issue.

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