Why are my pavers white?

A common phone call that we get regarding paver cleaning and sealing in Tampa is: Why are my pavers turning white? Brick or concrete pavers can turn white for a variety of reasons, but the three most common are listed below.

1- The sealer was applied incorrectly – too much product. It is causing the moisture in and under the paver to become trapped between the paver and coating of sealer. This will turn it white. (application)

2- The sealer is low quality and has insufficient U.V. inhibitors. This can happen with both DIY’s and companies who use a “cheap” sealer. (materials)

3- The underlying sealer was not removed properly during preparation or paver cleaning. The new sealer is not reacting well with an older inferior product. Incorrect type of sealer was applied while pavers where still wet or not dry enough. (preparation)

When it comes to sealing pavers in Tampa, we have a unique environment here as well as in most of Florida. Nine months out of the year we have moisture to deal with on almost a daily basis. This is causing your pavers to need to dry on a daily sometimes several times a day basis. The paver sealers that are applied to these surfaces must be able to “breathe”. They must allow the pavers to evaporate moisture on a constant basis. If not, you will get pavers that will turn white.

The most often seen area of a paver pool deck to be affected by this “whiting” effect is the pool coping. The coping is getting wet more often than any other area on the deck. For this reason, we will rarely seal the coping. As well as for safety purposes, not sealing the coping actually takes more time and effort to do than sealing it. You will rarely find companies that take this into consideration.

Paver sealing driveways Tampa also have to be done as carefully. Why you say, take a look at the picture and see what effect this driveway has on the overall look of the house. It sticks out like a sore thumb. The driveway will often bring everything together on the looks of your house especially if they are pavers.

“Cheap” paver sealers are often the culprit of pavers turning white. Just the same as you can buy generic paint from walmart as well as a top of the line Behr product. These cheap paver sealers are cheap for a reason. They do not contain the ingredients to allow the paver pool deck in Tampa to breathe as discussed in the above text. This is a common issue with people who seal their own pavers. You cannot get a good quality paver at a big box store.

In summary, pavers that turn white can often be prevented if the above advice is followed. Check out this post of cleaning and sealing pavers to see how we corrected pavers that turned white.

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