Carpet Cleaning Lithia FL

For a local carpet cleaning company in Lithia FL, you have the best in the area living right next door.  Give us a call for the best carpet cleaning ever.

Most of the pictures below are from carpet cleaning in Lithia FL.  Many times we are asked to “clean” a carpet, and really what we end up doing is “restoring” the carpet to a like new condition.  We cannot remove damage caused from excessive wear, but we can do some incredible work restoring and removing the years of accumulated dirt and grime.

Cleaning carpet in Lithia can be a challenge sometimes when so many of our clients have experienced such poor service in the past from other service companies.  We strive to serve you in a way that you are not used to but could get very used to!

Our cleaning service utilizes the benefits of steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and zero residue cleaning.  We use 230-240 degree heated water to steam out the unwanted particles.  We apply any cleaner that we may use prior to the actual cleaning process.  The carpet cleaning process then consists of this extremely hot water to clean the carpet thus leaving zero residue behind.  The dry cleaning part comes to play in that our process will leave your carpets dry in about the same time as a “dry cleaner” would leave it.

All three benefits of three different cleaning processes wrapped up into one.  Give us a call or email us with questions or to schedule an appointment.  813-263-6465


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